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Business Law

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Inside and Outside the Courtroom

Business law refers to legal representation both inside and outside the courtroom. Our expert business lawyers can help review contracts, navigate you through tax and collections law, and represent your interests in civil litigation or worker’s compensation cases.

Business Collections

A collection action is a legal proceeding to obtain money from another in order to pay a debt. Common examples include suits: to recover for an unpaid credit card debt, to recover on an unpaid invoice for services, or to recover for money loaned to another. Both individuals and businesses can be either the debtor or the creditor.

Our attorneys have experience in both prosecuting and defending collection matters.

Attorneys to help with Business Collections
Laird B. Stone, Business Collections Attorney in Twin Falls, ID
Laird B. Stone
Jeremy C. Vaughn, Business Collections Attorney in Twin Falls, ID
Jeremy C. Vaughn

Contracts & Agreements

We all like to believe that a person’s word is their bond, and that we can count on people to do what they say they will. Unfortunately, without a carefully drafted agreement, it is easy to have misunderstanding or confusion on important terms, or worse, unclear expectations which lead to conflict. Even more importantly, certain agreements, such as those to buy or sell real estate, must be in writing with particular terms in order to be legally enforceable at all. This is where the expertise of a contracts attorney in Twin Falls becomes invaluable. Whether it is a business deal, a real estate transaction, selling a vehicle, buying equipment, or whatever you can imagine, a carefully drafted agreement by a knowledgeable lawyer which covers the legally required areas is essential to protecting your rights and interests should a dispute arise. A contracts attorney can also prevent disputes by ensuring a clear understanding of the terms of the deal and the expectations for the parties involved.
Attorneys to help with Contracts & Agreements
Russ G. Kvanvig, Contracts & Agreements Attorney in Twin Falls, ID
Russ G. Kvanvig
Laird B. Stone, Contracts & Agreements Attorney in Twin Falls, ID
Laird B. Stone
Jeremy C. Vaughn, Contracts & Agreements Attorney in Twin Falls, ID
Jeremy C. Vaughn

Civil Litigation

Litigation is the court-centered process to adjudicate and resolve disputes between parties. Disputes can be small, straightforward and resolved quickly, or they can be intricate, complex, and can take years to resolve. Litigation begins long before the parties enter a courtroom, and can be frustrating and stressful for the parties. Having the right assistance to help you through the system is important. Frequently, disputes can be resolved long before trial. But if they can’t, you need an attorney with experience to protect your interest and prepare to present your case or build your defense. Each case is unique; there is no substitute for a thorough and candid case analysis by a seasoned litigator.
Attorneys to help with Civil Litigation
Laird B. Stone, Civil Litigation Attorney in Twin Falls, ID
Laird B. Stone
Jeremy C. Vaughn, Civil Litigation Attorney in Twin Falls, ID
Jeremy C. Vaughn

General Mediation

Mediation is a procedure in which the parties discuss their disputes with the assistance of a trained impartial third person(s) who assists them in reaching a settlement. It may be an informal meeting among the parties or a scheduled settlement conference. The dispute may either be pending in a court or potentially a dispute which may be filed in court. Cases suitable for mediation are disputes in commercial transactions, personal injury, construction, labor or community relations, divorce, domestic relations, employment or any other matters which do not involve complex procedural or evidentiary issues.
Attorney to help with General Mediation
Laird B. Stone, General Mediation Attorney in Twin Falls, ID.
Laird B. Stone