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General family law encompasses everything from adoption proceedings to personal injuries, and from divorce to estate planning. Whatever your specific need, our family lawyers are here to provide you expert with legal consultation and representation.

Adoption Attorney

Adoption is the legal process by which the parent-child relationship between two people is terminated by the court and a new person is legally decreed to be the parent of another. Adoptions can be pursued whether the “child” is still a minor under 18, or whether they are an adult. The proceedings required vary depending on the circumstances. When an adoption is finalized, the new parent is vested with all the rights and relationships that a natural parent would have had with the child, and the child obtains all the same rights they would have had if they were the biological child of the new parent. This can be particularly important in determining inheritance and other rights. This process can be complicated, let our adoption attorneys help you along the way.
Attorneys to help with Adoptions
Laird B. Stone, Adoption lawyer in Twin Falls, ID
Laird B. Stone
Jeremy C. Vaughn, Adoption lawyer in Twin Falls, ID.
Jeremy C. Vaughn

Individual Collections

A collection action is a legal proceeding to obtain money from another to pay a debt. Common examples are suits to recover for an unpaid credit card debt, to recover on an unpaid invoice for services, or to recover for money loaned to another. Both individuals and businesses can be either the debtor or the creditor.

Our attorneys have experience in both prosecuting and defending collection matters.

Attorneys to help with Individual Collections
Laird B. Stone, Collections Attorney in Twin Falls, ID.
Laird B. Stone
Jeremy C. Vaughn, Collections Attorney in Twin Falls, ID
Jeremy C. Vaughn

Civil Litigation

Litigation is the court-centered process to adjudicate and resolve disputes between parties. Disputes can be small and straightforward and resolved quickly, or they can be intricate, complex, and can take years to resolve. Litigation begins long before the parties enter a courtroom, and can be frustrating and stressful for the parties. Having the right assistance to help you through the system is important. Frequently, disputes can be resolved long before trial. But if they can’t, you need an attorney with experience to protect your interest and prepare to present your case or build your defense. Each case is unique; there is no substitute for a thorough and candid case analysis by a seasoned litigator.
Attorneys to help with Civil Litigation
Laird B. Stone, Civil Litigation Attorney in Twin Falls, ID
Laird B. Stone
Jeremy C. Vaughn, Civil Litigation Attorney in Twin Falls, ID.
Jeremy C. Vaughn

Divorce, Child Custody & Support, and Family Law

Generally described under the term “Family Law,” these matters can often be the most stressful and challenging times in a person's life. No one enters into a significant relationship anticipating its end, particularly when children are involved. The uncertainty that comes with the dissolution of a marriage can be difficult for all parties, especially for the children. Our experienced family law attorneys, which include skilled divorce lawyers, can help you navigate this tumultuous time. We offer comprehensive assistance with divorce proceedings, ensuring that your rights are protected and the process is handled with the utmost care. Alongside divorce, our attorneys can provide support with child custody and support determinations and modifications, paternity determinations, and other related matters. With our legal expertise, we aim to take the mystery out of the legal process, allowing you to concentrate on laying the groundwork for your new family life.
Attorney to help with Divorce, Child Custody & Support, and Family Law
Laird B. Stone, Divorce, Child Custody & Support, and Family Law Attorney
Laird B. Stone

General & Family Law Mediation

Mediation is a procedure in which the parties discuss their disputes with the assistance of a trained impartial third person(s) who assists them in reaching a settlement. It may be an informal meeting among the parties or a scheduled settlement conference. The dispute may either be pending in a court or potentially a dispute which may be filed in court. Cases suitable for mediation are disputes in commercial transactions, personal injury, construction, workers compensation, labor or community relations, divorce, domestic relations, employment or any other matters which do not involve complex procedural or evidentiary issues.
Attorney to help with General & Family Law Mediation
Laird B. Stone, General & Family Law Mediation Attorney
Laird B. Stone

Guardianship & Conservatorship

Sometimes in life, people become unable to care for their person or their property. This can be due to age-related infirmities such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, a serious injury or illness, or other causes, such as minority (being under 18 years of age). This disability can be temporary or permanent.

Guardianship is a legal proceeding by which a court appoints someone to be a decision-maker to care for a person. Guardianships can be total or limited, depending on the circumstances, and can be temporary or fairly permanent. Sometimes they are used when a person other than a natural parent needs to care for a minor; other times they are used when a person is not capable of making rational decisions concerning their medical and personal care.

Conservatorship is a similar proceeding, but with regard to appointing someone to care for another person’s property. Legally, a guardian has little authority over a person’s property, and a conservator has little authority over the protected person. In many cases, the same person is appointed to both roles, but sometimes only one or the other is needed, or different persons need to fill each role.

These proceedings can be confusing to navigate. Our attorneys have experience in all facets of these matters, including petitioning for an appointment, contesting appointment proceedings, terminating appointments, and serving as the guardian ad litem for the protected person.

Attorneys to help with Guardianship & Conservatorship
Russ G. Kvanvig, Guardianship & Conservatorship Attorney
Russ G. Kvanvig
Laird B. Stone, Guardianship & Conservatorship Attorney
Laird B. Stone
Jeremy C. Vaughn, Guardianship & Conservatorship Attorney
Jeremy C. Vaughn

Personal Injury, Premises Liability, and Products Liablity

Personal Injury, Premises Liability, and Products Liability: If you have been hurt due to the fault of another, you need experienced legal help. Navigating the system can be time-consuming, frustrating, and stressful, especially while you are healing from injuries, trying to get back to work, and trying to adjust to your new life. Insurance companies have every incentive to settle claims early and for as little as they can.

Personal injury law concerns seeking recovery for injuries sustained due to the fault of others, such as a car wreck. Premises liability is similar, dealing with injuries sustained as a result of dangerous or negligent conditions on another person’s real property, such as a slip and fall at a store. Products liability concerns those injuries suffered due to a faulty product, such as a poorly designed automobile. While each of these areas can overlap, they have important distinctions which can be critical to understand.

Our attorneys have experience evaluating claims, negotiating with the at-fault parties, and litigating claims.

Attorneys to help with Personal Injury, Premises Liability, and Products Liability
Laird B. Stone, Personal Injury, Premises Liability, and Products Liability
Laird B. Stone
Jeremy C. Vaughn, Personal Injury, Premises Liability, and Products Liability
Jeremy C. Vaughn

Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning

It is never too early to plan for the future. A carefully drafted estate plan will reduce or eliminate conflict, confusion, and stress for the loved ones you leave behind. In many cases, the only way to ensure that your wishes for your person and property are honored is to commit them to writing in the proper legal way.

Our experienced attorneys can assist you with drafting and implementing your plan. Whether it is a simple will, a complex trust, or something in between, we can help you give effect to your wishes. A carefully developed estate plan can even reduce or eliminate tax concerns. A properly drafted General Power of Attorney or a Living Will & Health Care Power of Attorney can aid your loved ones in helping you to meet your needs and care for your property during your life, including during periods of disability.

Attorneys to help with Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning
Russ G. Kvanvig, Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning Attorney in Twin Falls, ID
Russ G. Kvanvig
Jeremy C. Vaughn, Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning Attorney in Twin Falls, ID
Jeremy C. Vaughn